When you join Visual Magic, you become part of something bigger, a community of like-minded VFX artists worldwide. During your studies and our study visits, you will have the opportunity to build up an impressive network of people active in the industry.
An important part of networking and your attractiveness among companies is the portfolio that you will be helped to build during your time with us. At Visual Magic we will support you in every way: with constructive criticism and help to polish the final result. This benefits both you and us, as the results you present to the outside world help to strengthen the education’s reputation and increase the industry’s interest.

Note: Photo from when we had a visit from the icons C B Cebulski (Marvel’s editor-in-chief) and Fredrik Malmberg (one of the founders of the Swedish gaming industry).

The course content is controlled by our management team, which (2024) include these people:

  • Anton Söderhäll, Executive Producer at Goodbye Kansas Studios
  • Linus Johansson, Creative Experience Director på Try New Things
  • Martin Ögren VFX Program Manager at Important Looking Pirates – ILP
  • Kristoffer Wallgren, CEO at Autotech Teknikinformation
  • Mattias Wiking, CEO at Turborilla
  • Jonas Forslund, Head of Entertainment Services at Edisen

These influential industry representatives are involved in the education because they believe in us and you – and are interested in offering dream jobs after graduation…