This year, Visual Magic is rolling out the red carpet for our Scholarship Program, offering a select few International Students a subsidised way to study Visual Effects for Games and Film in Skellefteå, Sweden!

International Students normally pay a total tuition fee of €25,000 – but we now also offer five (5) Scholarships (judged on the work samples provided by the applicants) that lowers the total fee to €5,000 for the whole education.

Join the Ranks of Elite VFX Artists!

At Visual Magic, we offer cutting-edge training in visual effects (VFX) and game design. Our curriculum is shaped by top-tier industry experts from renowned companies such as Important Looking Pirates, Edisen, Goodbye Kansas and others.

Over 2.5 years, including a six-month internship at a company, you’ll learn the latest production workflows and tools used in Virtual Production, Motion Capture, spatial computing/XR, and Real-time graphics. You’ll master essential software like Houdini, Maya, Blender, Nuke, Z-brush, Motion Builder, and Marvelous Designer, all while working on your own powerful workstation.

Our close collaboration with industry leaders means you’ll work on actual professional projects, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. Plus, our campus is just a short stroll from Skellefteå’s vibrant city center, home to a thriving game and film culture.

Studying at Visual Magic unlocks a treasure trove of industry connections across Scandinavia and Europe. You’ll join a dynamic community of like-minded peers and collaborate with top-tier producers, animators, filmmakers, and more.

Our comprehensive VFX and Games program will equip you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring you’re fully prepared to make your mark in the industry. At Visual Magic, you’re not just learning—you’re building a future.

What kind of VFX artist do you aspire to be?

At Visual Magic, you’ll start by building solid foundations during your first year. Then, as you move into your second year, you’ll dive into your chosen specialization with advanced, cutting-edge courses.

Advanced 3D path: Perfect for aspiring artists who want to bring breathtaking 3D creations to life in the dynamic world of games, or for those who want to master powerful 3D tools like Houdini or Unreal Engine.

Visual Effects Path: Ideal for those who dream of creating stunning visual effects for feature films and television series. Dive into photo-realistic rendering, creature creation, live action integration, cinematography, and advanced compositing in Nuke.

Our program emphasizes the latest technology, including Virtual Production, Motion Capture, and Real-time graphics using Unreal Engine. You’ll gain hands-on experience with industry-standard tools and techniques, preparing you for careers in the visual effects, animation, and games industries.

Beyond specialization, you’ll dive deep into the fundamentals of cinematography and filmmaking, covering essential skills like lighting, composition, camera technology, and visual storytelling. You’ll learn to capture organic and mechanical movements, design compelling characters, and use VFX to elevate narratives.

Whether you’re rendering photo-realistic environments, integrating CGI with live action, or creating dynamic animations for games, our comprehensive training ensures you’re ready to meet the demands of today’s entertainment industry.

Embark on a journey to become a VFX artist who can transform imagination into reality. At Visual Magic, we turn passion into profession!

Quick Facts About Studying at Visual Magic


  • Duration: 2.5 years on Campus Skellefteå in Northern Sweden.
  • Internship: 20 weeks of hands-on learning at a visual effects, games or animation company in Scandinavia/Europe.

Cost/Tuition Fee:

  • International Students: €25,000 total, paid in five quarterly installments. Scholarship program reduce cost to €5,000.

Student Funding/Loans:

  • Nordic Citizens: CSN-eligible for student funding.
  • International Students: May be eligible for Swedish student financing. For details, visit CSN (


  • Selection Process: Based on portfolio of work submitted and admission assignment(s).
  • Fair Evaluation: All submissions are assessed anonymously to ensure equal opportunity.


  • Language: All lectures are conducted in English.
  • Instructors: Learn from our experienced teachers and industry professionals.

Application Process

Talent and Potential:
At Visual Magic, we believe in giving everyone a fair chance, which is why we don’t use grades in our application process. All applications are processed anonymously, ensuring a selection free from bias regarding age, gender, or ethnic origin.

Assessment Criteria:
Your knowledge, skills, motivation, and desire to attend our training are what matter most. We consider the whole picture—if you’re skilled in drawing or painting by hand, it can balance out less experience with 3D programs, and vice versa.

Commitment Required:
Our program is designed to prepare you for your dream job, which means it’s demanding. Expect to invest at least 40 hours a week. But don’t worry, our dedicated teachers and supportive fellow students will be with you every step of the way. We’re in this together!

Read more about the application process FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS here: