Visual Magic’s VFX training program is honoured to add Maria Sahai, FX artist and trainer, and Karim Sahai, a VFX supervisor to our faculty team. They are co-owners of visual effects studio, VFX Mojo.

With more than 50 feature films and television series under their belt (The Lord of The Rings, Avatar, Shazam, Dune: Part Two and Furiosa: A Mad Max saga) their deep involvement and long time commitment with Visual Magic brings an added layer of prestige to the training they conduct. During several intensive training periods during the educational program, students at Visual Magic will delve into the essentials of digital simulations using Houdini and Nuke software, advancing their expertise in mastering intricate effects employed in feature films, television series and games production.

With a history of designing and conducting training programs for artists throughout Asia Norway and France, Karim and Maria Sahai have identified Visual Magic as one of the premier schools in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Read more about VFX Mojo here:

Maria notes: ”We admire Visual Magic’s commitment to providing students with top-tier educators, a well-structured program, and a host of industry connections”.

Karim adds: ”Beyond the excellent curriculum, Visual Magic clearly has a recipe for attracting the greatest calibre of students. The groundwork has been done for making the learning environment here exciting and to provide students with a clear path towards employment in the industry. I am delighted to share expertise with this new generation of creators”.

Maria and Karim also expressed that all students demonstrate remarkable focus and genuine passion for learning the complex nature of what they teach.

Visual Magic’s collaboration with Maria and Karim Sahai injects a valuable industry perspective into the classroom. Featuring professionals actively engaged in recent, high-profile projects ensures Visual Magic’s VFX program provides students with up-to-date insights and practical skills directly applicable to real-world scenarios.