Say hi to Russel!

My name is Russell Harper and I’m a mature student at age 41. I am originally from the UK but have been living in the Nordics since 2009. As a family, we moved to Sweden in 2017 so my wife could specialize in her chosen medical field of IVF.

I have predominantly worked in sales over the last 20 years but felt it was a case of now or never to pursue my dream career in VFX.

I came to Visual Magic thinking that comp would be my chosen area of study but I have since discovered Unreal Engine and Houdini in the 3D field. I’m really interested in creating simulations and procedural models in Houdini and feel this will end up being my preferred software of choice.

I’ve never been exposed to an environment of such like minded people before. It’s so great to share a passion with fellow students and to be able to build a network, of circa 70 people heading into the industry, is a real bonus for the future.

Check out Russell’s Artstation here:

Update (2024): Russel just finished his internship at Mind Detonator and have started a VFX and Game Development company called Ballistic Pork together with two classmates, focusing on Houdini, Unreal and Motion Capture: